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About CSI-Partners

CSI-Partners provides services in the following IT related fields:

  - Promoting new technologies and startup companies,
  - Representation of companies
  - Development of
sales channels,
  - Project management and 
  - "Request for Proposal" preparations for Government tenders
  - Support industry working groups

Our engagement is typically in the IT field and ranges from small to medium sized projects. We represent clients in the US market. Special expertise exists also for supporting German - American business relationships.

Expertise and Supported Projects

Software Enterprise Systems
Card issuance systems, smart cards, credit cards and loyalty cards
Online banking and payment solutions
Telecom (GSM)
E-Passport, National ID-Programs, Driver License Programs, Document Authentication
Biometrics (facial recognition and fingerprint)
Access control systems

Customer Projects

Banks and credit card issuers
Federal government
State government
Telecom (GSM) operators



We have worked for startup companies and well established business:

CardSelect International
    (Founding member of CardSelect International a company that markets loyalty programs for credit cards)

ZN Vision Technologies AG and Viisage Technology Inc, 
    then acquired by Identity Solutions, Inc. [NYSE symbol "ID"] 
       (Co-founding member, representation and business development for biometric systems in the US) 

    (Business development for secure online banking in USA).

LHS (Schlumberger)
    (Business development for GSM billing systems)

ORGA Card Systems, Inc then acquired by Sagem
   (Co-founding member and business development in the US for smart card systems)


Consultant Background 

Holger Mackenthun has built new businesses in the IT related industry for years. During his carrier he has started numerous companies in the US for international clients that later were acquired by larger firms and went public. Mr. Mackenthun has worked in business development in USA since 1989 and worked prior as head of research and development in Germany . Mr. Mackenthun has worked on various international assignments; he is also an inventor and patent holder who invented the first contactless smart card in 1985 and the first customized credit & loyalty card in 1998.



Office Location (outside of Philadelphia, USA):

5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 210
Malvern, PA 19335  USA
Tel: 610-321-0578

Mailing Address:

PO Box 239
Eagle, PA 19480  USA


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